Fast MNVME Cache program.

The computer must have at least 1 free PCIe Rev. 2 x4 Slot.

To accomplish you will need:

1 PCIe x4 to M.2 NGFF Adapter Key M Card. (little red thing in x16 PCIe slot. Costs 10-20 USD/EUR). (Yes that works.)

1 M.2 NGFF SSD Key M. (Not Key B, also called SATAM.2 ).

1 VeloSSD SSDCache Software. (download here ).

Performance Diagram in MaxVeloSSD

This is a screen shot of the 880G Micro ATX Form Factor Board. It was on the market around 2010.

It features 1 PCIe Revision 2 x16 Slot. Visible is a mirror, showing the rear side.

4 PCIe Revision 2 lanes are theoretically capable of 2GBit/s.

This board had a maximum of 250 MegaByte/s before.(SATA2). Now it can do 888 MegaByte/s. Impressive ?

M.2 SSD Cache in old hardware
Is there a relationship of the board name and it´s speed ? Can that be ?