EliteBytes AdminTouch

EliteBytes AdminTouch allows most modern highest security and comfort. Right now VeloSSD 3.6 has this technology implemented. Mandatory ASLR, Core isolation and Hybrid UAC usability. Our other products will follow using this new technology in Spring 2021.

As you can easily see the highest available exploit security settings are enabled. Our application runs without Administrator Rights. It can be started as Admin on demand. So everybody can use it and all is safe high end.

Mandatory Aslr And VeloSSD with AdminTouch Technology

VeloSSD with EliteBytes Hybrid UAC usability was released 31st March 2021. Earlier releases do not implement this technology. Mandatory ASLR / Core isolation / memory integrity are popular security features in Windows. Not every computer hardware does support these new software technologies from Microsoft. Stay safe. Not all caching software vendors conform to these strict guidelines. Do not install Software that is not safe!