What is Write amp? how our products save your SSD investment.

Each SSD needs to manage and process its internal Data storage. By doing this a phenomen called "Write amplification" happens. For 100% incoming data it needs to write 100 + X %.

Write amplification (WA) shortens the life of each SSD. Elitebytes Caching software by far eliminates write amplification and so protects the lifetime of your SSDs. This is possible by grouping all infomation written to the SSD into BLOBs. For example instead of writing 1000 times 4K blocks to different positions, it writes 1 4000k block. Write amplification happens 1 time instead of 1000 times.

Only a caching software can do this and only Elitebytes did it from the beginning ( MaxVeloSSD) and now also in VeloSSD. And only MaxVeloSSD goes even further and performs Write Elimination. This is an algorithm that prevents multiple overwriting of the same places.

According to the Wikipedia article about SSD Write Amplification, Writing to non sequential LBA´s has the greatest impact on write amplification. Elitebytes Cache Software avoids Writing to non sequential LBA´s almost completely. All data is written sequentially only which has a theoretical write amplification value of 1 which is optimal.

If the computer work produces lots of non sequential writings, which is a bad thing for SSD´s as we learned above. Then Elitebytes Cache software completely does the magic and converts this to sequential writing.