All products are updated. MaxVeloSSD, VeloRAM, VeloSSD, VeloFull.

March 13 2022: VeloSSD 3.6.1 is out ! Rock stable Windows 11 and got even faster.

Unfortunately we got delayed with this by lots of things. We also took lots of our extra time. And had hard requirements to meet! Despite below text this release was also checked thoroughly against Windows 11 Pro Builds: 22000.493, 22000.556.

7. October 2021: Our software is running on Windows 11 RTM22000.194. RTM means "Release to manufacture". All EliteBytes Software Setups are currently validated against this build. Read more.

7. October 2021 Windows 11 RTM 22000.194 in tests.

Windows 11 RTM. TEst with EliteBytes Software

MaxVeloSSD is Running Tests under Windows 11 Build 22000 and 22454.

What exactly happens there is unimportant. But It is very important that you understand how seriously we take quality assurance. We will update all our products on the occasion of the release of Windows 11.

Automated Tests