VeloSSD Software Product Description

VeloSSD is the SSD cache software for Windows platforms. Caching uses the high speed of SSDs and the high capacity of hard disks for the optimal price-performance ratio. SSD storage is still much more expensive than hard drives.

VeloSSD runs on the most modern and older Windows client and server operating system versions.

VeloSSD is hardware independent, so it runs on all SSDs, chipsets, CPUs and motherboards.

VeloSSD is compatible with all Windows storage volumes. (e.g.: Simple, Dynamic, GPT, Stripe, RAID, Storage Space, Secure Boot, etc.) So for all boot variants and data volumes.

You effectively save a lot of money with SSD caching. Because you avoid spending 3 or more times as much money as is actually necessary. Hard drives from 1 TB are still 3-4 times cheaper than an SSD of the same size. VeloSSD SSD caching protects the mechanics of your hard drives, 90% of the read access is done by the SSD. This increases the service life, noise level, heat development and energy consumption decrease.

Click here to calculate savings with SSD caching.

VeloSSD SSD caching is particularly economical with RAM, so it also runs safely and efficiently on economically equipped machines (from 1GB RAM). For owners of machines with more RAM, we are happy to recommend MaxVeloSSD and VeloRAM, also from our company. These products can explicitly use any large amount of RAM for highly efficient RAM caching. MaxVeloSSD does this in addition to SSD caching in a 2-layer architecture (2 tier storage caching). The VeloSSD software has been tried and tested in the market since 2012. Hardly any other comparable product has achieved this quality of maturity and care like VeloSSD. Elitebytes software cache products made in Germany are particularly quick and thorough.


VeloSSD typical use

SSD caching and VeloSSD

With VeloSSD EliteBytes delivers SSD caching software for Windows Client and Server x86/x64 platforms.

VeloSSD accelerates storage volume as RAID, Fibre Channel LUN, SAN, iSCSI, Dynamic, Gpt, and boot volume.

Multicore CPUs are supported to enable maximum I / O throughput.

There are no capacity limits for the cache itself or the host volumes.

SSD devices themselves can be used in RAID configurations to combine their I/O power.

Several host Volumes can be cached with one SSD Volume.

How does that work ?

Input and Output (I / O) traffic is serviced first by the SSD volume if possible.

Otherwise, by the host volume.

The cache works application independent, and also speeds up the system start.

You get SSD performance and HDD capacity.

It uses a write-back caching algorithm.

Installation and operation

The installation is done very simply and quickly.

Setup and application are available in many languages.

A reboot is required only for startup volume.

During operation, one senses a drastic acceleration of applications and operating system.

The software runs automatically in the background and requires no maintenance.

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VeloSSD SSD Cache software product editions matrix.

VeloSSD Editions
Product Specification30 Day Trial EditionPersonal EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionDatacenter Edition
Cachable Volumes 1 1 4 8Unlimited
Maximum Cache SizeUnlimited 512 GB SSD1024 GB SSD2048 GB SSDUnlimited
Client / Server OSYesYesYesYesYes
Maximum Volume Size2 Petabyte10 Terabyte20 Terabyte2 Petabyte2 Petabyte
PriceFree of charge27.79 EUR41.69 EUR55.59 EUR69.49 EUR
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