VeloRAM ™ 3.8 Disk Cache. Copyright © 2013 - 2021 by EliteBytes ™ Limited. All rights reserved. Don't let them slow you down.

New: Use VeloRAM ™ to eruptively accelerate Storage Spaces for Windows clients and servers! All other Windows volumes as well, of course.
New: increased speed compared to predecessors. Better bandwidth and latency. New copy options like "not temporal" get the CPU cache. No slowing down of programs while caching the RAM!
New: Cache granularity via file extensions. Exclude freely selectable file types from caching. Such as films and ISO images. Get even more power out of your Ram Cache! There is no additional work because the setup and administration can be fully automated. You can also intervene yourself and create powerful cache protection structures very easily from templates and / or your own filters.
New: Massively improved stability. The already high runtime stability of VeloRAM ™ has been further improved in a complex and extensive manner. The well-known copy overflow problems were finally resolved and eliminated. A revised real-time performance diagram display visualizes the performance precisely.
VeloRAM 3.8 is available now. Old licenses can still be used with the new software. (If desired, new functionalities can be activated with an upgrade). Your license will remain backwards compatible after the upgrade. More information at:
EliteBytes ™ Limited. Software update VeloRAM 3.8. This update is free. However, some new features, such as cache granularity at the file expansion level, are chargeable. VeloRAM owners can activate these new functionalities very easily, often free of charge or at a reduced price. To avoid misunderstandings, EliteBytes expressly points out that the update to version 3.8 is free and only new functionality can be activated optionally. This is expressly not necessary for the regular, familiar operation of the software. If you buy a new VeloRAM, the new functionality is completely included.