VeloSSD Updates

VeloSSD™ Cache Software from EliteBytes™ Limited


VeloSSD is Gold Standard SSD to HDD caching software. 2022 is our 10th anniversary we are proud to release version 4. The software accelerates Hard Disks, which are cheaper, with SSD. We took our time with htis version and it performs even better then earlier ones.

VeloSSD™ brings more velocity to your storage. SSD caching with VeloSSD™ from EliteBytes™ delivers the free scalable and cost effective software solution to catapult your Windows environment from HDD to SSD speeds. Speeds up Operating system load time and any applications. Also minimizes cost for SSD storage. You can use any SSD on any Windows® operating system as caching device. Software and Hardware RAID configurations are supported. Traditional BIOS, modern UEFI native boot are full supported. Runs on current and vintage versions of Windows Client and Server. This software supports now up to 2 Petabyte Host Volumes. It requires only little RAM to manage Caching of these high Capacities. Compared to earlier Versions of this product the RAM footprint was reduced by more than 95%.

Change History VeloSSD

VeloSSD 4.0.4 12 December 2023

Update contains only a number of updated points. A detailed exposure is coming soon. This version is Microsoft certified. This means it will install & run correct on Window® 11 and Server® 2022 and earlier. Microsoft Certification Report

VeloSSD 11 January 2023

Update contains only 1 bugfix, runs smoother. Older versions misbehave sometimes.

VeloSSD 30 May 2022

App update. Allows very small Host volumes to be cached. Earlier there was a 100 GB size limit. Especially useful for owners of vintage hardware.

Now there is no size limit no more.

VeloSSD 4 20 December 2022

Full Bugfix for new behaviour in Windows 11 22h2: Driver Install hangs. Setup does not finish. Application hangs. ( All previous versions )

Look here for proof on Windows 11 22621.525 on 20 th December 2022:


VeloSSD 4 September20 2022

VeloSSD 4. download


Windows 11 versions 21H2 (Co), 22H2 (Ni)

Windows 10 versions 2004 (Vb), 19H1, RS5-RS1


Windows Server 2022 Version 21H2, OS build 20348.587

Windows Server 2019 Version 1809, OS build 17763.737

Windows Server 2016 Version 1606, OS build 14393.693

( the build numbers are given as examples and correspond to the tested versions. )

The download page contains information on compatibility with older server versions, among other things.

VeloSSD 30 March 2022

Compatibility Update for Storage Spaces.

New Engine Update !


VeloSSD 13 March 2022

Windows 11 ready. Older versions may have a problem with it.

More velocity for the masses. It got better optimized:

Massive reduction of write cycles to SSD. Faster and greener.

Online activation problems solved.

Still back compatible with vintage versions of Windows.

VeloSSD 9 July 2021

Bug fix in Power Safe Mode. ( Sleep / Hibernate)

The bug caused long shutdown / hibernation / sleep times / malfunctions.

Rather important to update to this version.

VeloSSD 17 June 2021

New Easy to understand SSD wear save controls.

This includes "Write through", and other options.Consequently

some low performance old code was removed in the SSD cache allocation.

Additionally to usual cryptographic signatures, valid for all compatible plattforms.

The Drivers are Cross signed by:

"Miocrosoft Windows hardware compatibility publisher"


for these Windows Clients:

Windows 10 Client versions 1506 and 1511 x64 (TH2)

Windows 10 Client version 1607 x64 (RS1)

Windows 10 Client version 1703 Client x64 (RS2)

Windows 10 Client version 1709 Client x64 (RS3)

Windows 10 Client version 1803 Client x64 (RS4)

Windows 10 Client version 1809 Client x64 (RS5)

Windows 10 19H1 Client x64

Windows 10 Client version 2004 x64 (Vb)

Windows - Client, version 21H2 x64 (Co)

February 2 2021

Changes in Version

VeloSSD orignal older code base, Continous tests on Windows 10 ( 20H2, 2004 / 1909 and Server 2019 ) solidified results for 3 months.

Oktober 21 2020

Changes in Version


Installs MS cross signed driver on Server 2019 / 2016 (Bugfix)

September 14 2020

Changes in Version


Storage Space For Client / Server reworked

May 19 2020

Changes in Version


S.M.A.R.T removed.

Hebrew language works.

Activation overworked.

VS Driver

Source Code base was taken from MaxVeloSSD and VeloRam. All products have same base now.

This improves VeloSSD reliability and stability a lot. Because Maxvelossd and VeloRAM

is the main source base, VeloSSD was the earliest product.

Recovery after accidental power off / reset / bsod works much better.

problem of sometimes slow shutdown removed.

Write cache bettered

December 14 2019

Changes in Version

BugFix in Setup / driver. Bugfix for Deinstall BSOD Bug.

September 5 2019

Changes in Version

Host Volume Restrictions are now 10TB for Personal, 20TB for Professional Editions

The Driver is Digitally counter signed by Microsoft to comply with Windows 10 Restrictions.

Server 2019 and Windows 10 Redstone 1-5 and 19H1.

July 9 2019

Changes in Version

The Driver is Digitally counter signed by Microsoft to comply with Windows 10 Restrictions.

January 19 2019

Changes in Version

The Driver is Digitally counter signed by Microsoft to comply with Windows 10 Restrictions.

Compatible with Windows 10 Client versions:1506, 1511 (TH2),

1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809 (RS1-5).

This has no impact on vintage Windows Client and Server Versions compatibility.

Several Bug fixes in drivers and Application.

Latest Runtime and libraries.

New Activation System. Read more.

Juni 7 2018

Changes in Version

The Driver is Digitally counter Signed by Microsoft.

Compatible with Windows 10 Client versions:1506, 1511, 1607 and RedStone 2,3,4

This has no impact on vintage Windows Client and Server Versions compatibility.

Bug fix for the EB000006 C000000D 203 Error message.

The inf file was corrected to the latest standars

April 9 2018

Summary Version

This Update:

small fix on OS version detection.

Power Mgt. Code removed a bug that could lead to BSOD.

April 4 2018

Summary Version

This Update:

OS version detection rewritten.

New activation code, better compatibility with Telekom routers.

Writeback code rollback, better stability.

March 1 2018

Summary Version

This Update:

The trial time is 30 days. An error shortened it to 10 days. fixed.

Bug with cached Data Volume removed.

February 11 2018 edited March 1

Summary Version

This Update:

Multi Language switch - no manual restart necessary

Several bugs removed that could lead to wrong behaviour.

New Graphics for 2.5 2018 versions.

Better driver conformity with the verifier.

Bug with cached Data Volume removed.

January 22 2018

Summary Version

This Update: -Allows Setup on Windows 7 again.

November 30 2017

Summary Version

This Update:

-Complies to highest security Standards ( Signed with Extended Verification Certificate and countersigned by Microsoft WHQL ) (Now Windows 10 Secure Boot Compatible !) -Was tested positiv on latest Windows 10 1709 and build 16251 / Server 2016 -Updated the build environment to the Visual Studio 2015 Build tool chain.

July 11 2017

Changes in Version

Build Integrity Check option add.

This means a stricter Code signing policy compared to earlier builds.

To be continued.

November 28 2016

Changes in Version 2266

Compatibility with newest Windows 10 and Server 2016 verified.

Several minor issues fixed.

May 3 2016

Changes in Version

-Allowed Cache Size raised, now double size !!!

-Cluster shared volume compatibility added

-reaffirmed compatibility with Bitlocker(tm)

Bugs fixed:

-1 possible crash during removal fixed.

-Problem with refs on cache volume and newer servers removed

-Pie chart alignment fixed.

-Problem condition after reset/power off removed

February 5 2016

Changes in Version

-This Version is enabled to run on virtual machines.

-Offline product activation (optional).

-minimal free SSDsize lowered from 16gb to 8gb.

December 21 2015

Changes in Version

This Host Volume size limit was 2 Terabyte for Personal and Professional Editions.

It is now 10 Terabyte. Higher Editions have no Host Volume size limit.

November 17 2015

Changes in Version

This version doubles the SSD Cache Size limit for the Personal edition to 128GB Cache.

A few decent bug fixes improve stability.

September 15 2015

Changes in Version

This version is a big jump ahead since it adds many features from the MaxVeloSSD CodeBase.

S.M.A.R.T and Performance monitoring,

WriteThrough, Scan Resistant

Maximum Host Capacity Limits ( now 2 PetaByte ).

Thoroughly tested under Windows 10.

Bugs with multiple cache Data Volumes removed.

Bugs in the Cache engine were removed.

Bugs with recovery after power loss were removed.

Recovery is now quicker, especially when the write cache is filled up.

Earlier versions needed to write the Write Cache back completely before boot.

That could result in frustrating long boot times.

Internal corruption due Power loss / reset occurred every once and a while. This is fixed.

If an internal on disk structure is corrupted ( possible write error while loosing power ) fallback failover recognizes and replaces it.

Changes in Version

This version adds a chart control to the application.

It allows precise visualization of IOPS/MBPS. Cache Hit/Miss and Data export in XML.

Support for Cache on Software RAID SSD Volumes was overworked.

Windows 10 Preview compatibility was added.

On big fragmented Cache a CPU Hog/Honk was removed ( Rare Condition).

Numerous Detail changes, please see the Change log for full reference.

Changes in Version

This version supports caching of Storage Volumes on USB3 and SDxC Cards.

This is very useful for Computers with no more free SATA ports.

You can connect the SSD Device over USB3, a SSD connected this way will have almost the same speed as over SATA.

Sticks also work good and accelerate HDD driven Laptops and Desktops.

Hard Disks mounted in Folders can be cached too with this version.

Building up on the reliable VeloSSD Software, this Version adds multilingual Help System and User manual.

Changes in Version

Fixed the yellow Device Manager Entry in Windows 8.0 and later ( in the System Devices branch ).

Fixed a serious bug with SSD Sector sizes > 512 bytes. ( SSD with big Sectors ?

-put multiple SSD´s in a Storage Space and you get a 4k Sector size.

Please try this only with Version ! Actually you don´t need to try because the SW will deny big cache Sectors.

Would that be cool ? - SSD cache in a Storage Space ? -Write us your opinions, and we will see.)

Trial activation was worked on.

An application crash after activation was identified and removed.

-The Storage Device Manufacturer name was missing in the volume info.

ReFS recognition and compatibility.

NTFS & ReFS Checkpoint syncronisation. ( Checkpoints ( not Snapshots ) are written quite often by these 2 file systems and represent transactional consistant states. )

Better deinstall, removes also cache from volumes that are not longer online. *MaxVeloSSD will be rereleased next. There will be an upgrade path for VeloSSD customers.