VeloSSD and MaxVeloSSD Cache are now Scan Resistant.

What does Scan Resistant mean ?

Cached content will be resistant against sequential large data blocks. Making the cache perform better.

Why do i need Scan Resistance ?

It is a feature that comes into play when you read or write many squential data blocks on the host volume.

Without Scan Resistance the Cache can be partially or completely wiped, making it unperformant.

For instance big Setup files or DVD images. With no scan resistance the cache performance would drop then. Because the lots of big files would wipe out the cached content.

Which products support Scan Resistant ?

VeloSSD and MaxVeloSSD have support. A GUI Component makes it easy to select Settings:

Standard Performance Profile, probably the best for daily use.

Scan resitant Cache Standard Settings

High Performance Profile, scan resitancy is disabled.

Scan resitant Cache Standard Settings

Conservative Performance Profile, strict settings for Scan resistancy.

Scan resitant Cache Standard Settings