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VeloSSD supports Mutliple SSD´s as one Cache

Why do i need to combine several SSD´s into one cache ?

This is very useful for better performance and capacity of the cache. Some SSD´s are too small to cache a big host volume. It is easy to setup and explained thoroughly in the user manual.

Can i boost performance like a rocket ?

Each Sata 3 Port can transport 600 Megabyte per second. If you combine several ports into one cache you can easily break this bottleneck and go beyond 1 Terabyte per second with low cost SATA 3 SSD´s.

There are 3 different RAID Controller Types (not Modes):

-Hardware RAID (onboard or with an extension card).

-Software RAID by OS.

-Software RAID by Caching Software VeloSSD / MaxVeloSSD.


RAID can be performance and cost effective. It will stay and enhance further. There is no comparable technology.

Speaking of the full I/O potential of 4 Sata3 SSD´s it would be: 4 * 80.000 IOPS = 320.000 IOPS. 4 * 400 MBPS = 1600 MBPS or 1.6 Gigabyte per second.

Speaking of the full I/O potential of 4 PCIe 3.0 SSD´s each using 4 lanes it would be: around 1 million IOPS and 8 Gigabyte per second.

These value are SSD only and hypothetical. We will show some results here as soon as we have a PCIe 16 lane hardware with 4 M2 SSD´s.

Maybe this will happen when the Software RAID extension to VeloSSD, MaxVeloSSD is ready and fast.

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