VeloSSD with Dual and Multi Boot Configurations

What is a Dual or Multi Boot Configuration ?

When you have more than one Operating system installed on a computer. To select which one to start there is a boot menu. Also called a Boot Manager. There are numerous possible Multi Boot Configurations.

Why do i need Dual or Multi Boot Configuration ?

It is usefull if you need to run different operating system on one physical computer. People usually need to do this for various reasons. Although Today Virtual and Cloud Environments clearly are a better choice.

How to use VeloSSD in Dual or Multi Boot environments.

If you got a dual or multi boot configuration, it is very easy to use VeloSSD with. It is perfect compatible and automatically integrates seamlessly with any bootloader. Multiple caches on a multi boot system are available. Just install VeloSSD and create a cache with the wizard.

Restrictions on the use of VeloSSD / MaxVeloSSD in Dual or Multi Boot environments.

There must be now write access to the cached Volume from other operating Systems on that Computer.