MaxVeloSSD Personal Edition Description

Personal Edition
The Personal edition is the entry level edition of VeloSSD and will serve well enough for most end users.

MaxVeloSSD is here and it´s faster than any SSD.
Very reliable, compatible and price worthy RAM/SSD Caching. Why is Caching with MaxVeloSSD faster than any SSD ? MaxVeloSSD uses a 2 Level Cache System. Level 1 through System RAM and Level 2 through SSD. With this Architecture Speed far beyond SSD is Reality. So the Software MaxVeloSSD scales up with the speed of System RAM. This is RAM/SSD Caching.

Why do we need RAM/SSD Caching ?
Professional and private IT environments are under constant pressure to reduce investment cost into always growing storage requirements. Cloud storage is available but slow and expensive. SSD storage is fast but most expensive. Only the good old Hard Disk can satisfy todays needs in terms of capacity and cost. Though lacking speed. With MaxVeloSSD the need for speed will be satisfied for ever. The professional as well as the end user gets a much faster work experience at a very low cost.

RAM/SSD Caching and MaxVeloSSD from EliteBytes Limited
EliteBytes Limited introduced MaxVeloSSD RAM/SSD Caching for Windows Client and Server x86/x64 platforms. Any Storage Volume, like RAID, Fibre Channel LUN, SAN- ,iSCSI- , Dynamic- ,Gpt- UEFI, Safe Boot and of course System Boot Volumes work. Multicore CPU Power is used for maximal I/O throughput. There is no Capacity limitation for the Cache or Host Volume size. Every thinkable SSD Format can be used: SATA, mSata, PCIe xn, DIMM etc. For instance it is easily possible to cache a 4TB UEFI Secure Boot Volume with any attached SSD for a speed beyond and a price far below SSD. This Software accelerates OS boot and all applications that need storage by factors of multitude.

However are my Data safe ?
With the MaxVeloSSD Software Architecture it is not possible to loose Data when there is a power outage, or the Reset Button gets pressed or the Computer gets powered down surprisingly. There will be no Data or Data Consistency loss at all. If the SSD fails or gets removed there is also no problem and the system will boot guaranteed. Data Consistency and Security is always given also in harsh race conditions. Depressing 24/ 7 workloads over more than 6 weeks have been absolved by this software with no error and are continuing. Windows Hardware Certification Kit (W.H.C.K) together with Windows DriverVerifier Low Resource Simulation runs perfectly*¹. Showing real stability in an unfriendly environment. Whatever happens this Software runs reliable. (*¹means a sluggish computer that runs out of resources and denies services randomly.)

Installation and operation
The installation is done very simply and quickly. Setup and application are available in many languages. A reboot is required only for startup volume. During operation, one senses a drastic acceleration of applications and operating system. The software runs automatically in the background and requires no maintenance.
VeloSSD Editions