EliteBytes Velo Products Maximum Host Size

What is the Maximum Host Volume Size ?

It is the Maximum size the Host Volume is allowed to have. The Operatings System limits this value according to its Version and Edition. Typically Servers support much bigger Volume Sizes then Client OS´s. The Maximum Size for Clients is around 64 Terabyte. For Servers it is virtually unlimited with the newest Releases.

What a maximum Size do the EliteBytes Velo Products support ?

The Velo Products support a Maximum of 2 Petabytes ( 2048 ) Terabyte as Host Volume. The only limitation then will be that of the Operating System. As far as we know a theoretic limitation exsists around 8 million PetaByte. At the time of this writing 6 Terabyte 3,5" disks are available at discount prices making large storage arrays becoming more and more available for the mainstream user.