March 2015 EliteBytes Big Spring update

Numerous small fixings and betterings.

Cache Upload feature, inkl drag/drop and context menu

Cache Performance Charts

Runs definitely again on XP and Win10

Software Raid Cache Support overworked

( for instance: use 2 SSD´s as 1 Volume )

Manual extended. ( English Version only )


VeloSSD Setup.exe

VeloRAM Setup.exe

MaxVeloSSD Setup.exe

What will we do next ?

Of course maintain the VeloXXX Product Line.

Of course Product Research for modern Storage / caching Products.

Very likely also Cloud Cache, like a 4 tiered Storage caching Software Product.

tier 1: RAM ( very Hot)

tier 2:SSD ( Hot)

tier 3:HDD ( Warm)

tier 4:LAN / Cloud / WAN ( Cold )

We hope to have a proove of concept very soon, and are

looking forward to post it in this forum first.