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Posts: 118
We updated our products last time in Spring 2019.
This applies to:
VeloSSD, VeloRAM and MaxVeloSSD.
A new product "VeloFull" is available since then too.
This software combines earlier 3 titles to one.
It enables to use functionality of
VeloRAM, VeloSSDD and MaxVeloSSD simultaneously
on a machine. It really helpful.

What is happening right now ( late Summer 2019 ) ?

We are researching, developing and testing software
improvements for new updates to our current and future products.

These are time consuming processes. Getting new features 99.9999% stable
just takes time ( and money ).

Right now Hard Disk capacities of up to 16 TB are coming to the desktop.
The price point is somewhere between 4 and 8 TB right now ?

Still competitive ranges for SSD caching. So It is not dead at all.
The technological evolution keeps continuing, where will it be in 2 years ?

I thing we can expect something like 20TB HDD and 4 TB SSD for the Desktop then.

Helium filled disks with TDMR ( Two Dimensional magnetic recording ) are
becoming standard right now. Maybe HAMR
( Heat assisted magnetic recording aka "Hammer" )
and MAMR will be there in two years ?

SSD caching will have its own RAID like thing effectively multiplying
Cache speeds, not only capacities. Right now this is not really
possible with software or hardware RAID. It does not perform like
multiplied speed, rather like "a little added Speed".
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