EliteBytes Digital protected products

All Our software is digitally secured by Industry Standard.
All software from Elitebytes is digtally signed with an Extended Validated Code Signing Certificate. This is by far the strongest protection avalibale and absolutely secure. By 2022 it is the Industry Standard for securing Executable files.
When downloading from this website you will receive Industry Standard secured Software. If you download something named like our software from any other website security is not guaranteed. Please check the signature of the Setup. By right click on the setup you should check if there is a digital signature from EliteBytes Limited, exactly like the one on the screnshots on this page.
When this signature is not on the setup or any other accompanied executable files: Caution! Do not execute this Software. It is compromised, not authentic at best. At worst it can be any kind of illegal software from the internet!. For instance: Virus, Ransomware, Trojan, Phishing software, Backdoor or Cracked etc. Do not execute software you have downloaded or otherwise received that is Not correctly signed! -You might get in danger. The file may promise to be anything - if it is not correctly signed it is illegal because all our software is digitally signed correctly. Once again: Be warned.

Right click on setup must show this, then it is safely usable. Otherwise Not.

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