Database Acceleration, SQL and SQL in RAM.

Also accelerates RAM SQL Databases.

In RAM Databases enjoy great popularity due to their performance. They can be many times faster than conventional systems. We wondered to what extent the performance can be increased by our software, and made appropriate tests. First of all, one can say very clearly: Yes, even in RAM databases, with up to 33% more performance, our software significantly improves performance. We tested a market standard SQL database on hard disk and SSD according to the manufacturer's instructions and achieved corresponding results. Then we installed MaxVeloSSD, a RAMSSD caching software from EliteBytes on the database computer and ran the same tests again. The result was an increase in performance to 133% with lower hardware requirements! The complete test reference including measured times can be found below.

Results: DB completely on SSD's (thus still without cache): 135 seconds. DB completely on HDD with MaxVeloSSD as RAMSSD cache (s.O.): 90 seconds. The swapping of the LOG file did not change the results of the caching measurably. However, this is different with conventional InRAM and InDisk operation: here it is essential for the performance.

Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU, 32 GB DDR 4 RAM, MSI B350M motherboard. Samsung 960 EVO NVM 230 GB SSD as a cache. 1 more SSD as database LOG device. 1 Toshiba HDWD 120 2 terabyte host disk. MaxVeloSSD was allocated 10 GB RAM and 230 GB SSD as a cache for a 2TB host volume. Operating system and database are on this volume. For optimal performance it is important to save the database LOG file on an extra SSD.

Software: Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Database: Microsoft Sql Server 2016. EliteBytes MaxVeloSSD Professional Version 3.2. Benchmark / Load Generator: AdventureWorks 2016 examples. Reference: