Save SSD acquisition costs by using SSD caching now. (very low Harddisk prices)

Prizes drop and drop: Current Prizes: 29 / 2TB HDD 159 / 2TB SSD. Still 5:1 in May 2023.

SSD caching is very worthwhile. Save time and money with SSD caching. More than half for new devices. And much more with used ones. This article explains how to do it.

You know it for sure: Windows is full. What now? - move to a bigger device! -How large? 2TB is roughly what you need these days to get by with your computer space for a while. True, many use 0.5TB and 1TB for good reason. But can you get by with it without constantly struggling with space problems? -No.

And an SSD, of course. For such a large SSD, however, more than 200 euros are required. It works for less than half. How does this article show you:

The keyword is SSD caching. The hard drive is used in conjunction with an SSD and so-called SSD caching software such as VeloSSD. But speed and price should be right.

The entry-level size factor for a lot of space and a very affordable price is the 2TB hard drive for 50 euros as of spring 2021. Plus a 250 GB SSD for around 30 euros and software for under 20 euros.
This saves you at least half compared to purchasing a 2TB SSD. The best is yet to come: with larger devices such as 4 or 6 TB, the savings are even higher.
The speed of SSD caching with VeloSSD is roughly the same as that of an SSD. But it is true that large SSDs are always a little bit faster than smaller ones. The 2TB SATA SSD is a bit faster (<10%) than the small 250GB of the same model. But it costs 6-7 times as much. Is it worth it? -Not in any case, research has shown most of the time computers do nothing. The only thing that matters is that regular tasks really run at the high speed of an SSD. SSD caching enables this all by itself and at half the price. So it's worth it. Also and especially when there is a larger space requirement.

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