VeloSSD SSD Cache Software Benchmarks

The content on this pages is outdated and shows results from almost 10 years ago. Please excuse. Nowaday results show considerably higher performance due to newer hardware.

There are 2 main Benchmark Categories: Disk Benchmarks and Application Benchmarks

What is a Disk Benchmark and what is it good for ?

A Disk Benchmark measures performance of the disk Application agnostic. It produces values for IOPS and MB/Sec for reading and writing sequential or random data in different block sizes. The benchmark results will be influenced a little by the overall performance of the computer. This kind of benchmark is good for comparing performance of specific devices. We use it to show how strong the effect of VeloSSD caching on a HDD typically is. We show very new benchmarks as well as older ones from vintage release of VeloSSD

What is an Application Benchmark and what is it good for ?

An Application Benchmark measures not only the performance of one storage device. Depending on the benchmark it will produce values for certain tasks like: Video editing, Application loading, Database transactions, Game speed and so on.These benchmarks typically run longer and are not free for commercial use.

April 2013. VeloSSD 2.1 Cache Disk Benchmark

A computer with a 4TB Harddisk and a PCIe SSD. Powered by VeloSSD 2.1. The Benchmark Software shows to the right Informations about the Host Disk Model and Manufacturer. Below in the middle are Informations about the Cache Model and Manufacturer.

High speed VeloSSD benchmark with an PCIe SSD.

Vintage Disk Benchmarks with VeloSSD

July 2012 Benchmarking VeloSSD delivers record acceleration !

For the complete Benchmark look here.
VeloSSD accelerates 44 times

benchmarking hardware RAID with VeloSSD yields a 20 time acceleration factor of.

For the complete Benchmark look here.
VeloSSD accelerates 20 times