Announcement of Version 4

Version 4 delivers the Cloud caching product to our portfolio, and strong improvements to our existing products. Version 4 Informations. Please read on.

Version 4 adds a completely new caching product.

Veloclouds is Cloud caching. Slowing down with cloud ? VeloClouds in Version 4 will definitely bring a big relief.

New Functionality in exisiting products.

New functionality for better caching performance and visualisation. It delivers an effictive new way to deal with storage consumers that consume maybe too much over time. ...

End of Support for Legacy OS.

End of Support for Legacy OS. Version 4 runs only on Client Version 10, or Server Version 2016, and later. ( Due to OS Manufacturer restrictions. Actually ran out 1 year ago in July 2021.)

Version 4 international

Version 4 comes in 90 plus languages. That is a lot more than Version 3 and shows a strong commitment to internationalisation.

End of Support for 32 Bit Architecture.

32 Bit is completely obsolete. Just to imagine that there was something like 32 bit OS.

Version 4 Release Date

All Version 4 products will be released at the same time. At Elitebytes Summer Summit 2022.