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Our mission is to provide the best application accelerator software for home and business users.

November 1 2017. MaxVeloSSD

July 11 2017. VeloSSD

June 28 2017. MaxVeloSSD

April 22 2017. MaxVeloSSD 3.1 IS AVAILABLE NOW !!!

The Overwhelming performance Update for MaxVeloSSD is online Now. Read on Here.

Feb 24 2017. Online Manuals for our products are available here.

Online Manuals

Jan. 18 2017. Login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo and LinkedIn.

The Christmas 2016 season Product Updates have been published in late November.

Nov. 29 2016 VeloRAM is out.

Nov. 28 2016 VeloSSD is out.

Nov. 24 2016 MaxVeloSSD is out.

May 24: Extended Trial Period. Now 30 days.

May 10 2016 the new MaxVeloSSD Datacenter Trial Edition Setup is available now.

Experience the ultimate caching power. Unlimited SSD, RAM and Threads !

May 3 2016 Update about Bitlocker(tm) and our software:
Bitlocker(tm) and our Caching Software VeloSSD, MaxVeloSSD, VeloRAM

April 4 2016. Minor Update ( for VeloRAM. Includes Offline Activation

March 21 2016. New Whitepaper and Setup for MaxVeloSSD.

February 5 2016. New VeloSSD version released. VM enabled and with Offline activation.

January 12 2016. M.2 based SSD Cache boosts old hardware into a new level.

M.2 SSD Cache in old hardware

December 21. 2015. VeloSSD allows 10 Terabyte Host Capacity for Personal and Professional Editions. (Earlier versions had a 2 Terabyte Host Capacity limit.). 2 Petabyte for Enterprise and Datacenter Editions. MaxVeloSSD soon to follow.

VeloRAM VeloRAM Logo

Accelerates even Pro SSD´s.

VeloSSD VeloSSD Logo

SSD Caching with no Compromises.

MaxVeloSSD MaxVeloSSD Logo

Highest Performance Caching Solution

This Diagram shows performance with 2 and 32 threads. Even more impressive acceleration, up to 13.5 GB/Sec.
It ran on a P9X79 Board with INTEL CPU, DDR 3.
Performance Diagram in MaxVeloSSD

Bitlocker(tm) and our Caching Software VeloSSD, MaxVeloSSD, VeloRAM
SSD RAID Cache (new)
Laptops caching explained (new).
Higher performance with MaxVeloSDD (new) .
Scan Resistant Cache.
Whitepapers about EliteBytes Velo Cache Software
EliteBytes Velo Products Maximum Host Size
Velo Products and EFI / UEFI as well as Windows 8 secure boot
How do i know if my Computer is Secure Boot ?
Better Dual and Multiboot compatibility.

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