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Database Acceleration, SQL and SQL in RAM.

February 22 2018. MaxVeloSSD

February 11 2018. VeloSSD

November 29 2017. VeloRAM

The Overwhelming performance Update for MaxVeloSSD is online Now. Read on Here.

Feb 24 2017. Online Manuals for our products are available here.

Jan. 18 2017. Login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo and LinkedIn.

May 24: Extended Trial Period. Now 30 days.

May 10 2016 the new MaxVeloSSD Datacenter Trial Edition Setup is available now.

April 4 2016. Minor Update ( for VeloRAM. Includes Offline Activation

This Diagram shows performance with 2 and 32 threads. Even more impressive acceleration, up to 13.5 GB/Sec.
It ran on a P9X79 Board with INTEL CPU, DDR 3.
Performance Diagram in MaxVeloSSD